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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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stepping up security. federal agents are probing a possible terrorist threat. good afternoon, days before the 10th anniversary of september 11th, new york city and washington, d.c. are on high alert for a possible attack. they're investigating a cred diddable but un-- credible but unconfirmed threat. we have the latest for wjz oosh oosh -- >> reporter: new york city set
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up check points looking into bomb plots targeting tunnels. it was considered credible. >> it was efficient to have a public statement. >> reporter: the three originated in pakistan. at least three operatives may already be in the united states. officials have been extra vigilant since the death of osama bin laden. evidence showed attacking the u.s. on this anniversary and other important dates. mayor michael bloomberg road the subway to reassure people. >> it is the symbol of freedom. so we always have an enormous amount of security. >> reporter: security was already heightened because of the anniversary of 9/11.
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now they will be doing more. >> it's an inconvenience, but it has to be done. >> reporter: officials said all the 9/11 ceremonies will go on as planned but everyone should keep their eyes and ears open. alison harmelin. they will work extra shifts until the threat is over. flooding leaving this area swammed. take a look at the conowingo dam. the susquehanna river is roaring through it. all could be opened in a matter of hours. wjz has complete coverage of the flooding and monique griego has latest on the widespread damage already done. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon. 43 dates are now -- gates are now open on the conowingo dam. you can see the power of it,
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some incredible images. it may peak earlier than expected but the mare of -- mayor of havre de grace got off the phone with the national weather service. havre de grace as mandatory evacuations in's for part of the sit -- for part of the city. about 400 people had to go. bge has suspended gas to 200 customers and legal trick to 90 customers. they say that's because of safety reasons. port deposit as mandatory evacuations, too. roads to and out of town are cut off. now the river is expected to be at its highest point with the most gates open along the dam since 1972 for agnes. we're talking more than 732,000
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cubic foot of water. there are evacuatation orders in -- evacuation orders in place. >> tim williams has more on the dangerous situations in susquehanna and elsewhere. >> these pictures are phenomenal to watch, just a very dangerous situation. that entire area up around the conowingo dammed the susquehanna are really under flood warnings until further notice. that area in the gray is all because of the rain and all the rain that's upstream. the rain comes down it. sinks into the ground and finds
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its way into the major river. we have to monitor this. you heard mike talk about the time frame to see the crest up the river. it's been changed several times. let's give you an idea. right now the current flood stage is 32.4 feet. expect it to crest at 35.8. the record, that's only one foot below the record. that was agnes set in 1972. again, it may crest earlier. but we're going to have to watch it. we're going to continue to monitor this. we're talking more about the level of the flooding and where they are. for more, we send it to marty. >> hello, tim. >> i'm sorry we want top switch over to captain mike perry
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because they are over the dam. we're looking at how many floodgates are open. good afternoon, captain mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. i understand what was said by our previous reporting that 42 gates are now open. this is the most i've seen open in my lifetime, the highest this water has been since hurricane agnes. this is just an awesome sight to see this water moving almost 800 cubic feet per second with the dam expected to crest sometime late tonight, early tomorrow morning. this is an awesome sight seeing muddy water filled with debris, which will cause problems well beyond the flooding. the debris, some of the trees in the water are bigger than small
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boats. so the hazard to navigate in the chesapeake bay will be there. >> thank you. there are still flooding and high water issues around this metropolitan area. coverage continues with monique griego in mt. washington. good afternoon, monique. >> reporter: the water at mount washington has done down about a foot in most places. people are dealing with all that damage left behind. three days of being hammered by heavy rain left the baltimore region under water. it swallowed cars and caused damage. it shows how high the water rose, trapping these vehicles. >> it's pretty much of a mess.
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water washed out countless roads. some drivers tested mother nature and lost. rescue crews had their hands full. >> the current picked up. >> reporter: the cromwell bridge in towson was a victim of the strain. in cockeysville, mud covered the floor of this cafe. this own are said his business is ruined. this family in gambrills had to use a boat to get to their home. >> come up -- she's 77. this is all she's got. >> reporter: flooding also hit historic ellicott city hard. >> we want to make sure there's no other walls like this that could come down in the next few days. >> reporter: it flooded local
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business. for them, the cleanup and repairs are just beginning. and this crew just showed up to mt. washington. they tell us they will be checking the bridge for safety. that's going to allow them to do that safely. this week about 81,000 people lost power. we're told all but 1200 have had their power restored. so that is definitely good news. >> that was a diver getting ready to go under that bridge. we have more with marty bass with how much rain we have gotten this week. it sounds like too much. >> the problems of the con know wing go -- conowingo is the
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rain. almost six in columbia and bri. annapolis 5.7. six inches in waldorf. five and three quarter westminster. almost six inches of rain in sparse maryland. forget the water coming out of the susquehanna for right now. imagine the amount of water hitting the water shed coming out of places as we look at our watch, warning and advisory graphic, the potomac. you can go to anne arundel, calvert, and you have a flash flood watch, not a warning. we know what the tributaries have done over the past 24 hours. just because the rain is coming to an end doesn't mean this
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problem is. don, take it away. remember, wjz is always on for you and crore on live -- your own live look. go to ravens fans are getting festive this friday. football fans said they're ready to start the season off. wjz and gigi barnett are live in baltimore county. >> reporter: you said it right. they know how to party. it starts early and goes late. the ravens party, though, at high tops in timonium, this parking lot, when we got here it was empty. it is filling up fast. it's day three of the ravens 2011 season celebration.
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it also happens to be purple friday and happy times are in high gear. ravens cheerleaders, mascot and the marching band greeted fans all morning long. it's the right kind of rally fans need before they play the steelers. >> tough game. ravens by three. >> reporter: of course everyone knows that the ravens will win. got to have some rise and conquer with that. good morning, amy. you're going to be with the team all day long. you have to help the team rise and conquer. >> when the ravens kick off with the steelers on this sunday, there's only one place to watch it and that's live right here on
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wjz 13. again, the kickoff is sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon. you can still compete in the pizza boli's pro football challenge. look at the quick link section. there will be weekly winners and the grand prizewinner, so sign up. we want to show you more of the raging winner. the conowingo dam opens more floodgates. is relief on the way? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our coverage continues with skyeye chopper 13. we're heading to the east southeast and show you what's happening in port deposit, that new housing development on the water. we'll take you way upstream to susquehanna. the river crested above 38 feet in northeast pennsylvania. as many as 75,000 in
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wilkes-barre remain and mandatory evacuation order this noon. the president has declare add state of emergency for pennsylvania as of early this morning, clearing the way for eventual federal aid. still ahead, we're not through yet. rising water from the susquehanna and other sources. first, we have to take a look at today's midday stocks, last night's lottery numbers and be,, toothpaste is not formulated for cleaning dentures, the abrasives in the toothpaste actually create those micro fine scratches in the denture, and that's where bacteria can grow and thrive. these are the very bacteria that can cause bad breath.
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today's puppy smackdown. >> this is missy right here. she's 10 months old. look over that way. she was found wandering. she's currently at the maryland spca. she's a shepherd, labrador mix. call, if you can help out. maryland spca. meteorologist tim williams, there is light at the end of the tunnel. talk about when that might happen. we should mention, too, friday, courtesy of mr. basement
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who believes together we can make a difference. it's going to be a rainy afternoon, just moving on through. we are starting to see some improvement but we can she showers. 70 right now. the dew point is at 70. we have 100% relative humidity with that east wind. temperatures have cooled down. we have no sun. the cloud cover is out there. the rain is cooling the air. the rain is coming in off the east. we'll monitor the developments upstream from the conowingo dam dam and the susquehanna river. of course we're looking at katia moving away. it's going to allow for more movement for lee. maria is a system we'll watch moving into the system next week. nate is moving into mexico. all of that is something we'll be keeping an eye on. all the dry conditions will be
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moving in by sunday. we'll see a better forecast heading into the weekend. 84 today. a decent weekend. marty will have crore game day -- your game day forecast in a few minutes. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. do,,,, it's a new totino's pizza stuffer. [ male announcer ] give your kids the new totino's pizza stuffers. new, minimum mess, maximum fun!
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we are looking live at the havre de grace. water has,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. the important graphic is clearing by saturday afternoon with a high of 84. sun, monday, tuesday, sunshine. let that music rip. ravens, steelers, 1:00 sunday. kickoff temperature 0 -- 80. >> hope you have a great
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